Family owned and operated in Spanish Springs since 1959, we are the prime source of landscape materials in the Northern Nevada region.
Map & Directions
Simple directions for finding RT Donovan's yard, located on Pyramid Highway in Sparks, Nevada.
How to Measure
Simple instructions and a calculator for determining the amount of material you will need for your specific project.
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An extensive selection of crushed, screened, and washed stone products for backfill, utility bedding, roads and paths, erosion control and slope stabilization, as well as a variety of sands for concrete, mortar, play arenas and engineered septic systems.
Composting Program
Composting is part science and part art. We are constantly learning and improving our process to create the best product in the most efficient way possible. We hope that eventually the vast majority of the organic waste generated in Northern Nevada can be diverted from the landfill and into our local soils.
Flagstone is a beautiful and durable choice for walkways and patios, flagstone blends naturally with almost any type of landscape and outdoor decor.
The key to successful landscaping and gardening is quality soil. Our soil mixes and compost add essential organics to your soil, improving its structure and reducing the amount or water and fertilizer required for healthy plants.
Decorative Rock & Stone
R.T. Donovan has an extensive selection of colors, sizes and textures of stone that blend naturally into any landscape setting. Decorative rock will provide a beautiful and professional look while conserving water and helping to limit weed growth.

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